AJS association has been hosting foreign Young people with local families for almost 10 years already.

All this experience has taught us that hosting young people in this way, is not only of a great value for the youngsters, but also for the local families.

The young foreigners will gain the experience of spending time with local Spanish families, in their houses and sharing their routines, whilst the families will benefit from this cultural exchange, improving the awareness of multiculturality in our community.

In each of the families two youngsters will be hosted together in a personal room for them. The family will provide them with breakfast and dinner. Since most of the day the youngsters will be participating in the Educamp workshops, they will join their hosting families in the late afternoon-evening when they will have the opportunity to share time and enrich themselves from the cultural exchange.

All of the families are open minded and have had been specifically chosen by us to host young people. Also, the families receive a pre-arrive formation about hosting young foreign people and AJS association is methodically checking how the experience both for youngsters and families is developing, in case any help is needed.

“Maiky” Martín y Miguel Aguilar have been a hosting family for five years now and together with his son Arturo are great collaborators of AJS. On their own words:

“Hosting young people from different countries is always an experience we are willing to have. We always try to make them feel comfortable with us and show them our surroundings and our friends. I think we are successful in it because they usually keep contact with us and even sometimes they visit. What could be better than a homemade Tortilla de Patatas with your Spanish host family?”


In the beautiful mountain town of Arenas de San Pedro, situated in the Tiétar Valley in central Spain.