How to effectively learn online?

There are currently many opportunities to learn online. You can sign up for a course from school, find a teacher for Skype lessons, use Youtube classes, Duolingo applications, online books etc Plus, watching simple videos (fairy tales) with subtitles, listening to musicians with lyrics, and even reading the news. The key to success is regularity and small steps. It is important to learn vocabulary systematically and learn the most important grammar rules over time. You have to listen to the language to break the speaking barrier. At the start it is worth preparing a learning plan for the coming weeks – what and when we will learn 🙂

The most common mistakes when learning a foreign language online!

Most often, at the start, we have a very ambitious learning plan every day for a few hours. In practice, this is achieved only in the first few days. Over time, learning begins to disturb us with a connection with work, passions and other responsibilities. It is important to realistically assess how much time we can spend on learning – at least 1 hour a day 3-5 times a week.

Another mistake is to quickly lose motivation when, after a few weeks of learning, we still do not speak fluently and do not understand all the texts read or movies viewed. Language learning takes time! Losing motivations in the first stages will be means the effects will be smaller.

And last – you don’t have to know a few thousand words or all the grammar right away! Simple short sentences, without too specific and advanced terms or grammar formulas. The most important is know how to communicate in daily life 🙂

Good luck!