1. Focus on learning one language!

Focus on one language to get the best results. You will learn the basics and grammar faster and you will not have a problem with confusing words between languages.

2. Handwriting helps a lot in learning!

Writing helps you remember new words and grammatical constructions. It is more effective than just reading and repeating.

3. Learn actively, not passively!

Try to speak as soon as possible. Find foreign friends, listen, talk. Watch TV, listen to the radio, write online, but try to talk face to face, too.

4. Regularity – less is sometimes more!

Plan to learn the language for at least 20-30 minutes a day. It’s a time you’ll always find, even during a busy schedule. Instead of 2 hours once or twice a week, you will remember more when you study regularly.

5. The variety of learning methods increases its effectiveness!

A common mistake is to focus only on reading and listening. It is important, however, from the earliest stages to try to write and speak. Therefore, the optimal strategy is learning through various activities.