Knowledge of foreign languages is essential in these times. If you want to master a language at a basic level, you can start with many free mobile applications. Here is a list of sample applications:


Duolingo is an application combining elements of gamification with learning. Get markers, compete with other learners and collect points. Lessons are divided based on a specific topics and go to higher levels with time. The choice of languages on this app is really large.

Hello Talk Learn

This application fits people who already know the basics of a foreign language. A program works as a social networking site, where you can chat with people from all over the world. This the perfect possibility of talking with a native speaker on any topic that supports the repetition of the material, as well as to train everyday communication.


The application is primarily focused on teaching vocabulary. The words are given in different ways, and the use of various mnemotechnics makes remembering them quite easy.

50 languages

This application is intended only for beginner students. Use it to learn basic words and phrases up to level A2. Each material is divided into thematic sections, where there is pronunciation and spelling of a given word or phrase.