We usually start learning a language by finding a course, online application, a teacher or books. We make a plan, learn new vocabulary, and what’s more ambitious people, they watch also movies, read books and surround themselves with a chosen foreign language from everywhere!

Be patience!

You are slowly starting to speak a new language, but you face the situation that you get along with the teacher and you have problems communicating with others. You have a problem understanding someone or you have a limited vocabulary to respond in the way that you want. Over time, it is quite exhausting and progress slows down with more words, grammar and other things to learn. Remember, however, to be patient! It is the stuff that will allow you to achieve success with regular learning. Appreciate the little progress and get ready that learning will take you a lot of time.

Do not be afraid of making basic mistakes even at a higher level of learning!

Initially, making mistakes is normal. You learn and every sentence, even not quite correct, pleases us if it is understood by another person. Later, when you are more advanced, but these are still the beginnings of learning due to information accumulation, you forget some of the basics. This can be quite embarrassing, especially for ambitious people. Many people get very frustrated and slow down their learning pace. It also happens that I recognize that they will be, for example, on B1 / B2, persisting still wrong forms. It is worth, however, every time, regardless of level, to return to even the simplest topics, if it turns out that we have a problem with them, or we forget something.

Remember to keep learning! Stay patient and don’t afraid of basic mistakes! Just regular remind foundation and do your best in a way to enjoy to learn a new language 🙂